Db Plan Administration Services

GRS’ DB Plan Administration services are designed to meet the needs of our pension plan clients. By working closely with clients, we become experts in their administrative requirements and provide the best solution for their budget and participants.

Team-Based DB Plan Administration

Our team-based DB Plan Administration is an outsourcing service option that provides all of the key day-to-day administration functions needed by defined benefit pension plans, e.g., data housing, benefit calculations, call-center, online benefit calculators, and actuarial services. Each DB Plan Administration team includes a DB Plan Administration Consultant, call-center associates, actuarial consultants, and technology support personnel.

Online DB Pension Benefit Calculators

GRS provides its municipal, county and church plan pension actuarial clients with online benefit calculators that can be used by plan staff or participants to estimate benefits. Our calculators provide realistic anticipated benefit amounts because we use clients’ actual census data and plan provisions.

GRS clients have come to rely on this value-added service as the volume of requests for benefit estimates and retirement processing continues to rise. Our solution provides a very cost effective and efficient way for our clients to ease their administrative workload.